NAR offers sustainable strategies that benefit its members, associations, and communities. Through the REALTOR® Sustainability program, NAR raises awareness and encourages engagement in its sustainability efforts among its members, trade associations, and agencies. The program integrates corporate social responsibility and triple-bottom-line concepts into NAR's decision-making practices, allowing the organization to educate and support sustainability efforts in the real estate industry. This is accomplished through NAR's 10-year Sustainability and Resilience Plan, which focuses on environmental, social, governance, and resilience pillars.

To ensure meaningful action is taken around sustainability in the real estate sector, NAR defines sustainability as meeting present needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs. Resilience, on the other hand, is defined as the capacity to prepare for disruptions, recover from shocks and stresses, and adapt and grow from a disruptive experience.

Metro Atlanta is a vibrant area that offers several different "GREEN" initiatives and events that you can participate in and even incorporate into your business and daily life. See upcoming events below!

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